Mar 6

I’ve had many problems in the past with my off-mains sewage treatment, as home owners in my situation would know it is very hard to get the right solution especially if you expand your family. I have worked in the civil engineering business for many years and not really specialised in environmental solutions at all, but decided i needed to solve my problem so got onto the task. Back in October 2012 i had a meeting with a guy from Cotterill Civils - I discovered a hell of a lot that i didn’t know about waste and where it goes and the regulations around it. I was proposed a solution which i could not refuse and agreed for the guys to solve the environmental problem.  The product in question was a sewage treatment plant for 8 birth (all my family) these machines are amazing and completely self-suffucient! All i have to say are good things about this company! Thank you very much.